ForĀ over 30 years CPN and its Affiliates have waged War on "Consumer Terrorism" against enemies foreign and domestic in our own backyard, this while BILLIONS of American Tax Payer Dollars have been and are being spent by Government based or Government Affiliated Agencies that continue to deliver little or no results.

Should American Tax Payers accept this as the best that these agencies can do, or should we demand more of a return on our investment.

Please feel free to Take a Tour of the services we offer to Consumers to provide you with a fighting chance.

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InvestigateYou have just become the victim of Deceptive Trade Practices and or Fraud, who do you turn to for assistance, who will get your money back, who will punish the company or representative at fault.

Well all of us have been down this road more times then we'd like to say, so what options are available to provide you with a resolution and justice, in which direction do you turn.

Simply submit you complaint in our Complaint Forum for a FREE EVALUATION...

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Consumer NewsOur Consumer News will keep you up to date on the past and current investigations conducted by our Special Investigations Division.

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Locate HelpOur Locate Help Section provides access to a myriad of options in your quest to locate a solution, welcome to all visitors and Members.

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Consumer AlertsOur Consumer Alerts will help to keep you from becoming a victim, they would be best described as a Factory Recall of sorts.

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Free MembershipA Consumer Complaint Evaluation will be afforded to all Qualifying Members for Free , please select the Membership link to see if you qualify.


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