Who We Are

Consumer Protection Network is an independent agency born out of disgust, disgust for the past and current attempts by government based and or government affiliated agencies and their attempts to regulate the integrity of the so-called professional business community.

It is our opinion that the inadequacies of many of these agencies have helped the criminals to continue to thrive and that the hard working, tax paying consumers are paying the price.

So Is There A Solution...

JUST ONE ( 1 ) In 1985 Consumer Protection Network began educating consumers on how to avoid becoming victims of deceptive trade and fraud.

From print articles and news stories to talk radio and educational seminars CPN has taken an active role in the community.

Additionally, Consumer Protection Network has always been in the forefront advocating the rights of consumers and the professional business community.

So why do we do what we do.

It is our opinion that we all have an inherent right to conduct business with companies that won't lie, cheat, steal and attempt to defraud us out of our hard earned dollars, but contrary to our opinion consumers are taken advantage of by unethical, unprofessional businesses and contractors on a daily basis.

As an independent agency our goal has always been to safeguard consumers from becoming victims by investigating, collecting and displaying derogatory data to the general public.

Please enjoy and review our Portal and those of our Partners for further assistance.


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